Lost Soul Spirits - The Story

Welcome to Lost Soul Spirits, the home of One Eyed harry Gin. We are a Husband and Wife team who embarked upon an adventure, attempting to create a gin that satisfied both of their distinct – and very different – palettes.

Finally, after many failed attempts and over two years of different recipes, a joint consensus was made – we had done it. One Eyed harry was born.

Named after King Harold II (who  famously died after finding an arrow in his eye) One Eyed Harry is a nod to the historic heritage of Waltham Abbey, the town where the gin is made.

Here at lost Soul Spirits, we believe in the quality of hand-made artistry, and our gin is no different. Every bottle of our Gin is distilled, bottled and labelled by ourselves.  We love our gin, and after you’ve tried it, we’re sure that you will too.